There are hundreds of accessories available for the guitar, some are necessary, some are more of a novelty. Before you get distracted with thoughts of buying sustainers, glow in the dark fret markers or guitar to MIDI interfaces, here is a list of the ten more conventionally required guitar accessories.

3 electric guitars in a room


A guitarist will get through hundreds of picks in their lifetime, purely because they have a tendency to just disappear. Though it is always nice to find a handful of picks behind a sofa or in the washing machine.

Some people prefer to go for single guitar picks and only buy a couple at a time. In this case the Fender Classic Medium picks would be an option. Great standard picks that you can never really go wrong with!

Others might like to be more prepared, in which case you can buy in bulk. Stagg offer packs of 100 in multiple thicknesses. So you should never have to worry about losing picks again! Similarly to the Fender picks they are nice standard size picks that should be suitable for just about any player! 


Having spare strings is one of the small necessities of being a guitarist. You only need to break a string in the middle of a gig once to know you always need spares!

For electric guitar, some good options are the D’addario EXL strings or the Ernie Ball Slinky strings. These come in all standard gauges, as well as mixed gauge packs with lighter “top” strings and heavier “bottom” strings.

For acoustic, the Martin Bronze strings are quite cost effective and good quality, as expected from a brand like Martin! If you’re looking to spend a bit more, D’addario have their Phosphor Bronze strings which aim to have a slightly warmer sound.

For classical or nylon string guitars, Augustine strings like the Classic Black set are a solid option. Augustine are the originators of the modern day nylon string, so you can’t really go wrong with the brand that started it all! Similarly to the other guitar types, D’addario have some great nylon strings. Their Pro-Arte series are very popular and great quality, though they are slightly more expensive than other options.


If you want to put your guitar on display, or have it easily accessible, a guitar stand is the way to go.

A standard floor stand like the Rocket GSA10BK Guitar stand always does the job well. Though you may want the guitar to stand without being supported at the neck. In this case, an “A-frame” style stand such as the TGIGS1 Foldable Guitar stand looks much more streamlined.

Of course if a more permanent fixture is what you’re looking for, a wall-hanger always looks great. Especially if you want to have a wall dedicated to holding a few guitars. The Konig and Meyer Wall Hanger is a very secure option from a brand that is known for making good quality stands. 

Bags and Case

Transporting your guitar from one place to another means that a gigbag or hardcase is a necessity.

For gigbags, you can buy some cheaper options with minimal padding, but it is always safer to go with something that is padded. The Stagg STB range is a good choice for padded bags. They feature 10mm of foam padding and come in all styles, from electric to bass to acoustic and classical.

If a hardcase is something you would be more interested in, there are some great, reasonably priced, options from TGI. With both generic sizes and models sized for specific guitar shapes, for example 335 and Flying V style electric guitars. So there is sure to be a model available that will fit your guitar. 

guitar case at gig



Some guitarists will never use a capo, but some live by them. Regardless of which you are, it’s handy to have a capo just in case. You never know when you’ll need to belt out a rendition of Wonderwall.

My preferred style of Capo is the trigger capo. They are much easier to put on and take off than the wrap around style. Plus, you can always clamp it onto your headstock when not in use.

Stagg have a great selection of trigger capos. They are available in flat or curved depending on whether you’re looking to use it with a classical guitar or a steel stringed guitar. They also come in loads of different finishes. There’s standard black and chrome, or if you want to push the boat out a bit there is a gold finish. As well as this they have patterned finishes such as light and dark wood and carbon fibre. So there should be something for everyone!

If the wrap-around capo is something you’re more interested in, the Rocket CAP01 and CAP02 Capos do a great job at a very reasonable price. Great to have in your gig-bag or case on the off chance that you need one!



A slide is one of those things that many guitarists have, but may only use occasionally. I would recommend the Dunlop 220 Chrome Steel Slide, as Dunlop are renowned for their slides. While they also offer glass options which sound great, speaking from experience, they can get smashed!

mini scateborder on guitar

Wrong Slide!


A guitar strap is good to have, unless you’re a classical guitarist,the majority of performances tend to be done while standing. So a strap is heavily recommended!

At the lower end of the scale there are the Rocket Nylon guitar straps. These come in a few different colours at a great price. Otherwise you can spring for something more expensive, like the somewhat iconic Fender Mono strap. The more expensive options can be a bit more comfortable than standard nylon straps.


Cleaning Accessories

Cleaning supplies are always handy, it’s better to have a shiny guitar than a grubby one!

For guitars with an unfinished fretboard, usually ones made of rosewood or ebony, it’s good to have some Lemon Oil. A good option is the Planet Waves PW-LMN Lemon Oil. This helps remove any dirt and grime.

For the body of your guitar it’s nice to have a microfiber cloth like the Fender Premium Plush 099-0525-000 Polishing Cloth. This can be used to get rid of any streaks or fingerprints off your guitar!lemon oil

String Winder

A string winder makes changing strings a much quicker job. It allows you to remove strings within seconds and tighten new strings up in just as much time.

A fairly standard string winder like the Stagg GSW-1 will do the job just fine. But the Planet Waves DP0002 Pro-Winder can be a lifesaver. It’s a bit like the swiss-army knife for changing strings. It has a string cutter and a bridge-pin tool attached, all you need to change strings is this one tool.


String/Neck Lubricant

Fast Fret from GHS is a string lubricant that ensures to clean strings and lengthen the lifespan of them. It also makes the strings feel much better after applying, the name “Fast Fret” isn’t just a snappy title. It does make a noticeable difference to the ease of playing.

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Rory joined Normans in October 2017 as a member of the sales team. Primarily he plays the guitar and bass, but he has picked up a few other instruments in over 12 years of playing. He most enjoys performing live and playing jazz music.