Digital Drums – one of the greatest musical advances to come out of recent years. The ability to play through headphones, move the kit around as you please and no accidental sticks through skin incidents. Aside from being the best drumming next-door neighbour, these kits can be an even better alternative to an acoustic kits.


Here are a selection of Alesis kits that we’ve earmarked as the best-sellers for 2018 and we hope t make you more aux fait with their ins and outs.


The entry level Electronic Drum Kit from Alesis, the DM LITE is one of the most popular models out there. My only comparison can be that the DM LITE is what the Volkswagen Polo is to the car world. There’s plenty out there, they’re neat and tidy and work horses. The DM LITE has the facility to connect an iPod, iPad, MP3 player through a 3.5mm jack. This makes it possible to jam along to your favourite tunes at any time. The Velocity sensitive trigger kick pedal is small and manageable without the hassle of a clunky bass drum setup. The overall design focuses on being compact and non-intrusive. Ideal for a new starter or someone who wants  a smaller practice kit to fit in at home. The icing on the cake is the very snazzy light up drum pads.  LED powered, they give you instant illumination when given a bash. alesis lite drum kit


The next level up brings you the NITRO KIT, taking the basics of design and playability from the DM LITE it adds and refines to bring a step up.  Starting with the pads, the NITRO KIT has dynamic pads on the Toms and Snare giving you a response similar to an acoustic kit. The Crash Cymbal is fitted with the choke feature, so you can strike and grab to stop the cymbal when struck.

The Kick drum comes with a full beater and kick pedal, like an acoustic kit would. This is good practice to strengthen the technique and makes transferring to an acoustic kit seamless.

The main upgrades with the NITRO is the attention to detail of the pads and pedals. Playability is more focused on top of those great features such as headphones and audio device connection, so you have the best of both worlds.

The expanded range of sounds mean you have more to play with and can fit into even more genres. The upgraded Nitro module also allows you easier access to modify your set-up too!alesis nitro kit 



Finally we move onto the Gold Medal position in terms of features and price. The FORGE KIT offers the features on the NITRO across the whole of the kit and improves on further aspects. The upgraded module has a central dial which controls the LCD display and the submenus make navigating quick and easy if using live.

All of the Cymbals on the FORGE KIT have the choke feature and the dual sound snare means you can use the rim or the centre of the head to get the variety of tone.

This kit also offers the option for recording, with a USB stick you record directly on to your Flash Drive when recording or onto the module itself and then export.  Alongside the standard Aux in connectivity, it gives you change to save your best work and record your progress.

In addition to this, you can upload your own .WAV samples and assign these to your desired pad. This also duplicated with the fact you can load in .WAV files to play along with via the module.

All this is housed with a lightweight Chrome rack however with maximum stability for those moments when you need to give a little bit of oomph. alesis forge kit

Overall, these 3 different options are a tier system with the DM LITE being the budget end of the range, slowly moving up through the NITRO to the FORGE. All of them possess the quality and craftsmanship that you expect from Alesis, who are now a well established leading brand in the Electronic Percussion world. Don’t think twice about choosing an Alesis over other well established brands, you definitely won’t be disappointed at the fantastic value for money!

About the author

After gaining a degree in Music from the University of Derby in 2014, Dan has worked in Music Education in both the UK and Netherlands. A guitarist by trade, Dan continues to perform with his band and other various musicians around the West Midlands.