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Drum Sticks

The first thing that anyone will think of when it comes to drumming essentials is a pair of sticks, as they are your first point of contact with the drums. Sticks are a very personal item, every drummer will have their preferred size, style and brand.

Vic Firth offer a good range of standard sizes, in both nylon tip and wood tip models. For example you can get sizes 5A, 7A and 5B in wood tip, or 5A and 7A in nylon tip.

Similarly, Promark offer nylon or wood tipped sticks. But if you’re a particularly heavy hitter and need something more durable the Promark PW5BW may be something to look at. They are more expensive, but made out of Shira Kashi Oak to ensure your sticks last longer.

Zildjian also offer a good range of sticks in the standard sizes. Though they also have dipped sticks available in various sizes, with wood or nylon tips. These sticks provide a bit more grip for your hands, just in case you’re prone to dropping sticks!

If you find yourself with a taste for something slightly alternative, there are options available.

If jazz is your thing, a good set of brushes can go a long way. Stagg offer some nice inexpensive brushes. The Stagg brushes are available with a wood handle, rubber handle, or with different brush materials.

Otherwise you could look into something like Promark’s Dowel sticks, the Hot Rods. These might be suitable if you are looking for something a bit lighter than standard sticks, but with more power behind them than brushes.

Drumming Essentials - Sticks


A Drum Mat or Carpet

If you only ever play on a carpeted floor a drum mat might not seem like an essential item at all. But it only takes playing on a slippery stage or a laminated wood floor once to make you change your mind. Having the bass drum slip further and further away during a song can be an uncomfortable experience!

Many players will just buy a square meter or so of carpet. But for something a bit more hard wearing and attractive, the Protection Racket 9020 Drum Mat is a great option. Plus the price of it doesn’t cost much more than a cut of carpet that size!Drum essentials - Carpet


A Drum Throne

You’re going to want to be comfortable while you’re behind a drum kit. You don’t want to be struggling with your seat while you’re trying to keep a groove. A good drum throne is vital to ensuring that you play with fewer limitations.

If you’re looking for a solid drum throne from a reputable company there are plenty of options out there. For example, the Mapex Round Top Double Braced drum throne features robust construction and a height range, with memory lock, from 16.1” to 24.4”. Or there is the Pearl D790 Drum Throne which again has double braced legs, as well as a slip-proof height collar to ensure stability.

If something more suitable for home practice, or at a lower price point, Rocket and Stagg have some good options.

The Rocket Double Braced Drum Throne is a nice inexpensive alternative to the branded models, which remains robust and comfortable.

Where the Stagg ST-22BK Drum Throne might be better suited to a home or studio environment due to not having the double braced legs. Though with this, it is still a very comfortable and solid drum throne. Drumming Essentials - Throne


Practice Pads

If you have ever needed to warm up before a gig, or wanted to practice rudiments or exercises away from the kit (or late at night when the neighbours might not appreciate the volume!), you’ll understand the need for a practice pad.

The Remo 10 Inch Practice pad aims to simulate the bounce and feel that you’d get from an actual drum head. Along with this, it’s tuneable, which opens up options in terms of adjusting the feel to match your own set-up. Though, due to this, the Remo Practice Pad is slightly louder than standard rubber pads.

If something a bit more silent is what you need, Stagg offer rubber practice pads in 12 or 8 inches which are more traditional rubber practice pads. Drum Essentials - Practice Pads 


Drum Keys

Perhaps one of the most important, and most likely to go missing accessories, is a drum key. Costing little more than £1 in many cases such as the Rocket Drum Key. It’s always important to have at least one! I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been asked if I have a drum key on me, so it’s a good idea to have one to hand, on your keys or in a hardware case. drum essentials - drum key

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