You love your Father. So this Fathers Day don’t buy him socks: he has enough of those! And chocolate… just think of his waist line. Alcohol, you say? Hangovers and headaches we say. 

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The Gift of Socks… Again


This Fathers Day why not give the gift of Music? Not to worry that you are musically ignorant, we’ve compiled a handy guide.



Keeping it Cheap $

Because cheap is cheerful… and some of us have bills to pay and that leaves us skint. Not apologising for that Dad. Not even on Fathers Day.

When money is tight, a good place to look is to accessories. While not always the most glamorous of gifts, they are certainly very useful.


Mo’ Money $$

Maybe you are a regular at the bank of Mum and Dad, maybe you’re Generation X. Perhaps you just keep throwing away your bank statements without reading them. You’re an adult. You’re allowed to do that. Doesn’t mean it’s smart, but you can do it. #IgnoranceIsBliss

Fathers Day gift - Alesis conmpact4The Alesis Compact Kit is perfect for the young – at heart – Rock Drummer. Kinder on the ears than a traditional Drum kit, you are helping to preserve your fathers failing hearing. Smarter on space than a bulky acoustic kit you are keeping the rest of the household happy. Space-age looking enough it should overshadow gifts from other siblings. Win-Win-Win.

Maybe your Dad’s not much of a drummer but still likes a good bit of Rock and Roll? It could be he’s been rocking for a few years and has built up a range of guitar focused gadgets and gizmos. If so, the Effector Case would be a great choice. This sturdy ABS case is roadworthy with it’s durability. This makes it the perfect place for him to hide store his guitar pedal.


I just got paid $$$

In those heady first few days after a pay cheque you feel like you can buy the earth. So why not splash out and really invest in your Dad? After all, the man did [delete as appropriate]

  • Sort out your nappies
  • Teach you to drive
  • Buy your first Pint (and sort you out the morning after)
  • Chase off that weirdo who was bothering you at Uni
  • Bail you out when you had no money for Rent
  • Provide half your genetic structure

So, without further ado: Has your Father always fancies himself something of a Chopin? Well feed his passion! It’s the loving thing to do. Especially when you bare in mind that the AXP25 package comes with headphones. You don’t have to listen to him practice.fathers day axp25

It’s 61 key, touch sensitive, and has some smooth smooth sounds. On top of this it’s portable, affordable and should entertain him for a minimum of days to come.

But wait… Could it be? Your Dad is actually more of an Elvis kinda guy? Consider this Fathers Day sorted. Whether you want to get him kitted out with a ‘beginners’ pack that will carry him for years to come, or to get him something that will be a delight to the eye even if not – initially – to the ears: Our Fathers Day Gift Guide should have a guitar that will tickle his fancy.

With all the class – less volume – and softer strings than the electric model you might be initially drawn to, we have the C40 Performance Pack. With the Performance pack he can start enjoying the stunning sounds of this instrument straight out of the box, without worrying about additional accessories. How nice.


happy fathers day gift guide

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