As an instrument, the Ukulele has grown in popularity massively over the last 10 years or so. It’s a very accessible and fun instrument so many people decide they want to learn to play. Due to the increase in popularity, there are a lot of options out there. I will try to help narrow the search down with my top 5 Soprano Ukuleles for beginners.


3rd Avenue

The 3rd Avenue Ukulele is an ideal first Ukulele, it comes at a very reasonable price and is a great quality instrument given the low price tag.

There are colours available, a very striking Purple or a more understated Black. The 3rd Avenue Ukuleles also come with a bag, so storage or transport won’t be an issue for this Ukulele!

These instruments stay in tune well and sound great, if you’re looking for a good low-budget Ukulele, this is the one to go for.



The Rocket US10 series is another nice option for a lower price Ukulele. Costing just under £20, the Rocket US10 Ukulele comes in five different finishes. These are natural, black, blue, purple and red.

As with others in this list, the Rocket US10 Ukulele is provided with a bag for storage and travel.

The body is made up of basswood back and sides and a nato top, which ensures good resonance and tone.



Mahalo’s 2511 “Rainbow” series of Ukuleles are very popular amongst beginners, schools and music groups.

The big thing for these Ukuleles is the sheer number of colours available, they come in ten colours. Available are Black, Dark Blue, Green, Light Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White and Yellow. While the Mahalo 2511 still plays and sounds very good, the big reason for choosing these would be if you are looking for an attractive, colourful ukulele!



Brunswick have a more expensive option priced around £30, the BU1 Ukuleles aim to use high quality materials and parts. With a mahogany top, back and sides, as well as a rosewood fingerboard you can remain confident that the tone produced will be to a high standard. Along with this, the Brunswick BU1 comes with Aquila NylGut strings attached.

This Ukulele comes in four colours, Natural, Blue, Pink or Red.



The most expensive of my picks for beginner soprano ukuleles is the Makala Traditional Agathis Ukulele.

With an agathis body, mahogany neck and rosewood fretboard, this ukulele sounds great. Along with the geared tuners which are great at keeping tune, Makala have produced a very high quality Ukulele. Similarly to the Brunswick model this is supplied with Aquila strings.

The Makala Traditional Agathis Ukulele is only available in a natural finish.



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Rory joined Normans in October 2017 as a member of the sales team. Primarily he plays the guitar and bass, but he has picked up a few other instruments in over 12 years of playing. He most enjoys performing live and playing jazz music.