What on earth could you need a Karaoke Microphone for?

Well, it’s because there are so many young people around that love singing. We often get asked if we have a Microphone for children. Something that will allow them to sing along to their favourite songs. Over the years we have found that parents are looking for something that is:

  • Relatively cheap
  • Self contained
  • Small and light
  • Simple to use

The Karaoke Microphone is the perfect solution.karaoke microphone

This Karaoke Microphone is basically an all in one singing machine that can do pretty much anything you would want as a singer…

It has a built in amplifier so the person singing can showcase their talents to everyone in the nearby area. It also has a headphone socket for when everyone in the nearby area has had enough… The importance of being able to take down the volume cannot be overstated. It also has Bluetooth, USB connectivity and a MicroSD Card Reader! This means you your child can sing along to virtually anything.

karaoke microphone

As the icing on the cake it’s super simple to use and all comes in at well under £30.

The Microphone come in 2 different colours: Black and Rose Gold. Both are undeniably stylish in looks and are the perfect accompaniment to any budding vocalist…

…Even the adult ones 😉karaoke microphone


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