If you have purchased a Flute. Now you want a better, safer and more protective Flute Gig Bag to carry it in. Well Bingo: You’ve come to the right place.  Eyes down and read on!

A Gig Bag can be many things. A musical fashion accessory. An easier and comfier method of transportation. Sometimes – for those much younger than me – they can be re-purposed as somewhere to store the all important iPhone. 🙄

In this article, I will show you the perfect Flute Gig Bags on offer. We’ll be covering everything from the tried and tested brands of Chord, Stagg and Tom & Will to the – relatively – newer grounds of the Sonata brand.

Chord Flute Gig Bag

flute gig bagYou are looking for a well-made Gig Bag for your flute case that will not break the bank? This Chord model may be just what you’re looking for!

The Chord 173.390UK bag will provide your flute and case with reinforced, extra strong padding and it is made from water resistant materials. It’s perfect to use in any environment! The heavy-duty nylon exterior adds extra resilience. This flute gig bag also features a sturdy shoulder strap ans a side pocket to store your accessories.

So, whether you are gigging a lot, or just want to keep your flute extra safe, you can rely on this bag.

Tom & Will Flute Case Cover


If you have looked at, and assessed, our wide range of quality instrument Gig Bags, the one thing you will no doubt have noticed is that Tom & Will Gig Bags are consistently the finest, best made, with the highest quality materials, on offer.

The Tom & Will 33FCC range of Flute Gig Bags are brilliantly designed, combining portability and affordability, in a range of exciting colours and designs. They fit all standard sized hard-shell flute case models, like the Yamaha and Trevor James models.

patterned-flute-caseThese excellent case covers are manufactured to withstand the rigors of performance or school – or work? – life. Carrying comfort is guaranteed thanks to the shoulder strap and fabric handle, and the bag has an external pocket suitable for cleaning cloths, flute rods and similar accessories. Tom & Will flute case covers have strong zippers that open almost the full length of the bag, making it quick and easy to access and put your instrument away. On top of this the case cover has a soft lined interior for added protection.

When it comes to colour options, you are spoilt…  Burgundy, Pink, Navy and Purple are available. For those who want to stand out from the crowd, the artistically designed Flock n Roll pattern will gain admiration and jealousy from all.

Stagg Soft Case for Flute

stagg-flute-soft-caseThis robust nylon case has been carefully designed to protect your flute in all situations. It features two slip-proof transport straps with a protective zip covering and a plush padded interior. The storm flap over the main zip to protect from the rain. The case has a pocket on the outside to store your accessories, and features an easy grip plastic handle.

Unlike the previous cases mentioned in this article, the Stagg SC-FL is a whole and complete flute Gig Bag, with moulded interior to accommodate your flute perfectly, and not simply an outer cover for your original case.

It is designed to fit all standard straight-headed flutes. So, if you have lost, damaged or broken your case this could be the model for you!

Sonata Flute Case

sonata-flute-caseSonata Form; a musical composition structure of 3 movements. Exposition, Development and Recapitulation.

This musical form can also apply to the Sonata SC02FLT  Flute Case!

The hard wearing, durable outer, and soft-lined interior will protect your Flute and not expose it to danger. This case has been developed by Sonata, taking design inspiration from other leading brands. It includes a sturdy handle as well as detachable shoulder straps for ease of transportation.

To recap, an outstanding ‘value-for-money’ replacement Flute case. You can not go wrong! Encore!!

So, there you have our great selection of Flute Gig Bags. Something to please all budgets, all flutes, and all abilities. Need a refresher? Check out the full range here.

About the author

Nick joined the Normans Sales Team after a musical career spanning 35 years; firstly as a principal trombonist in Her Majesty’s Royal Marines Band Service for 24 years, performing around the UK and worldwide, including on the Royal Yacht Britannia, and then within the education sector teaching GCSE and A Level Music and Music Technology. He is a keen Big Band, Jazz performer and Hi-Fi enthusiast.