The Best of Brass…Edgware Brass

Edgware: The historical home of Boosey & Hawkes professional instrument manufacturing, 1930 -2001.

When it comes to the deep history of British Brass Bands, many names spring to mind. Black Dyke Mills, Grimethorpe, Brighouse & Rastrick, Yorkshire Imperial, Fodens and Cory Band. Musicians such as Jim Shepherd, Phil McCann, Robert & Nicholas Childs, Brett Baker, Alan Morrison and Maurice Murphy. They all produced the sweetest of sounds and techniques ever heard on a stage.

All of this success is down to extremely hard work and practice, plus the availability of top quality instruments from world renown makers.  Brands such as Boosey & Hawkes, Besson and, more recently, Yamaha have been at the forefront of Brass Band success.

Now you can expect further success. Welcome to Edgware!


Par Excellence

With the aim of combining excellence and quality, the Edgware Concert Series is manufactured to the highest standard. Their attention to detail is second to none. Ergo they easily meet the needs of the most discerning musician.

Edgware have taken inspiration in design, materials and build quality from some of the finest, professional brass instruments available. As such the new Edgware Concert Series is definitely punching above its weight.

Focusing on the traditional British Brass Band sound, Edgware offers superior tonal qualities and sound projection. As a bonus the Edgware Range has  many key features that are often only found on high-end professional instruments.  Crucially, they are fraction of the cost of their rivals.  It is these key features that will ensure a meteoric rise to the top of the instrumental podium.


The Famous Five

This inaugural Edgware production range has concentrated all its efforts into the quality of the 5 instruments on offer.  They are all at the high-end category. With a prestigious and reliable sound quality they are unbelievable value-for-money.

This bespoke range currently comprises a Cornet, Tenor Horn, Baritone, Euphonium and Eb Tuba.


Tonal Perfection

First impression when opening the Edgware case for the very first time is, Wow!

The quality of the nickel silver plate finish is outstanding.  The tone, projection and resonance is fully amplified: Even around the most demanding of venues. Others will be looking on with envy.

When you are fortunate enough to first play one of this new range you immediately realise that Edgware will be renowned for it’s sound quality.  A full, sonorous tone is confidently supported by the articulation and precision provided by the CAD engineered valves. Fluidity and accuracy between notes and musical transitions will exceed the expectations of any dedicated musician.  Passages of chromatic difficulty are simply not an issue.


Inspirational Design

Edgware incorporate the finest resonating brass alloys, precision engineering and bright nickel silver plating in their manufacturing process. This produces an outstanding instrument aimed at the improving, dedicated player who strives for perfection in tone, intonation and projection.

The Edgware Concert Series instruments are supplied with a silver plated, high quality mouthpiece and bespoke deluxe, solid case.  With faux leather trim, tough nylon cover and a strong, robust handle, they will fully protect your instrument.  Even the case looks like it has taken inspiration from the interior of an Aston Martin!

About the author

Nick joined the Normans Sales Team after a musical career spanning 35 years; firstly as a principal trombonist in Her Majesty’s Royal Marines Band Service for 24 years, performing around the UK and worldwide, including on the Royal Yacht Britannia, and then within the education sector teaching GCSE and A Level Music and Music Technology. He is a keen Big Band, Jazz performer and Hi-Fi enthusiast.