Learning to play the keyboard can be a difficult process which requires time and concentration. That’s why Yamaha have developed the perfect model for you to begin your musical journey:

The EZ220 Portable Keyboard

Perfect for Learning

This is one of the most popular beginner keyboards that is currently on the market. It features 61 touch sensitive keys, which is a very important factor when learning to play. However, with the EZ220, this is enhanced further for you with ‘Light up keys’. This special feature allows you to follow the lights when playing. This helps you gain skills quicker while learning  in a more visual and fun way.

The Yamaha Education Suite (Y.E.S) is also a vital part of this keyboard, and allows you to independently learn a wide selection of popular songs that are built into the keyboard. This is a setting that is found on the majority of Yamaha keyboards, but alongside the follow lights, it really does provide an excellent learning experience. There is no pressure, and with three different lesson styles, you can make sure you learn in your preferred way.

But that’s not all

As well as having all of these learning features to hand, you also get an amazing selection of different instrument voices and backing styles to choose and play along with. Experiment with different genres of music and produce high quality recordings you can be proud of!

Let’s not forget the fact that due to it being an electronic keyboard, you have the functionality to connect it to a computer for even more fun! You can record your progress and hear your improvements week by week… The EZ220 also has it’s own special Yamaha app for your iPad, ‘Page Turner’. Not only does it include the piano score for the 100 preset songs, it turns pages automatically and allows you to focus on the music. How great is that?

EZ220 keyboard

The EZ220 is a very easy keyboard to use and play. The follow lights are ideal for any visual learner, and help you to make progress very quickly. It comes highly recommended from students, parents and anyone looking for a keyboard which they can learn on without the need to pay for a tutor.

About the author

Jack joined the Normans Sales Team in August 2016 after taking up the piano a couple of years ago. He has performed at a few events (one being at a football ground!) He also organises charity events, which he always trys to play piano in somewhere! He hopes that he can progress further in his music career in the years to come.