Christmas 2017. The general public were getting steadily fatter thanks to the compulsory mice-pie consumption levels. The Normans car-park was an ice rink, and the Normans team… Well this was the Normans Team:

But what caused such a ruckus from otherwise reasonable people? Were we just told about free drinks at the Christmas party? Had we each received a sizeable Christmas bonus?

No. To both. Which is fine. No biggie. Whatever.

We had just been told we finally had the brand new pCornets in stock! In the interim close to 1000 units have been snapped up by Brass-Hungry customers.

Ever since this fateful day we have had one question poised at all times on our lips.


The answer is (nearly) now:

Introducing the all new BLUE pCornet

Every bit as good as its Red counter part the new Blue pCornet allows players of all ages to enjoy the traditional Cornet sound at a fraction of the cost and weight. With similar dimensions to brass Cornets, this Bb instrument is suitable for the very youngest of players due its highly lightweight and near indestructible construction. For those older it’s a great, cost efficient, option that will survive the rigours of school, look amazing and – for those with joint issues – offer a way to keep playing without unnecessary weight, reducing the stress on joints.


  • Lightweight, great sounding plastic Bb Cornet
  • Unique fully plastic, interchangeable, maintenance free valves
  • One-piece patented leadpipe and plastic water key system
  • Supplied with lightweight velvet-like carry bag
  • Includes 2 plastic Denis Wick mouthpieces (2B & 4B)


A bit of care and maintenance 


Tuning Slides

About the author

Heidi has been working for a number of years at Normans progressing from the Saturday Sales Assistant to a Brass Specialist. A grade 8 player she loves to play all genres of music spanning Classical to Jazz. With over ten years of playing both the Trumpet and Cornet this is, of course, what she loves to write blogs about.