A-Star is great for ages 3+, it’s robust, affordable and most products are brightly coloured unless the traditional look is preferred. In this blog, we feature the newest products to A-Star’s range. The brightest and most quirky percussion instruments from A-Star yet.

By quirky, I mean fruit shaped shakers complete with their very own fruit basket. Personally, my favourite product of the new range. A great way to engage children in music, ensure they have fun and a genius tool for teaching rhythm and timing. A humorous way for children to explore music and learning.

fruit basket shakers

A-Star have also created percussion instruments to rival those traditional instruments. Take a look at the instruments below, there’s brightly coloured enclosed hand bells, enclosed tambourines, upgraded wrist bells, a floor tom and smiley hand clappers! All are perfect for classrooms and music groups, or adding to your percussion kit at home.

Bell Shakers – Pack of 6

The A-Star Bell Shakers are an ideal first instrument for younger children. They produce a fantastic sound and can begin to teach children about rhythm and timing.


Early Years Tambourine

The A-Star Early Years Tambourine is the perfect instrument for children’s groups, being designed for the younger musician. This handheld tambourine is fun to play, and can produce a range of fun sounds that everyone can enjoy.


Floor Tom

The perfect first drum for children, the A-Star Floor Tom produces an amazing sound and gives children basic skills in rhythm and timing. This durable instrument is highly recommended, due to it’s affordable price.


Hand Clappers

Fun plastic hands, the A-Star Hand Clappers are perfect for children. They produce a ‘clapping’ sound, ideal for large percussion workshops and classes.

hand clapper


Plastic Wrist Bells

Designed to engage children with the bright sounds, the A-Star Plastic Wrist Bells are a great way to introduce young kids into the world of music. These bells produce high quality tones which are great for class/group teaching.


Enclosed Tambourine

The A-Star Tambourine is the perfect instrument for younger players, and can be a great start in learning the basics in music. In a bright blue colour, this is ideal for learning about rhythm and timing.


If you’d like to see more new A-Star products, you can read this blog here.

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