Blues music began to develop around the 1970s in the Deep South of the United States. Traditional blues uses call and response, the blue scale and chord progressions structured from the 12 bar blues. The harmonica is a wind instrument that is widely used in Blues music. Here at Normans, we sell a range of Harmonicas. My recommendation? The Rocket blues harmonicas. Here’s why!


Range of Keys

Our Rocket Blues Harmonicas come in six different keys. Why is that useful? Well, each key can provide a different sound, depending on what genre of music you want to play. Since we stock a wide range of different keys, you can even collect them all!

Budget Friendly

harmonicaAt only £4 a piece (valid December 2018), our Rocket Blues Harmonicas are perfect for everyone! Whether you buy one as a gift, or if you plan to treat yourself, at such a good offer it would be silly to decline!

High Quality

Each and every Rocket Blues Harmonica features metal reeds and the ability to create 20 tones. It also has a silver finished exterior. No wonder it makes a clean, bright sound! They are also robust and are supplied in a compact protective case.


Great value for money, our Rocket Blues Harmonicas are suitable for all abilities. See our full range here.

About the author

Megan joined Normans for a weeks work experience and is now with us every Saturday. Megan is keen to study music at university and wishes to pursue a career in the industry. A keen pianist and flute player with a fantastic work ethic.