A ukulele is one of the most popular musical instruments to give as a gift. Various designs, low cost and most importantly musical!

The Stagg US10 Range

Stagg have created a range of soprano ukuleles for beginners. You can find this range offering ukuleles in a vibrant red, sleek black, traditional natural and natural with a detail around the sound hole. The details around the sound hole add that extra design element for the same price, if not cheaper!

Why The Stagg Traditional Ukulele With Tattoo Design?

Personally, the ukulele with the detail around the sound hole is my favourite of the range from Stagg. It still has that traditional charm and is complimented with the print on the main body. It’s subtle but noticeable, making this ukulele great for a gift. The recipient is bound to like the natural finish and appreciate the added details (just as much as I do!).

The ukulele includes a black nylon gigbag which is great for being on the move or just protecting the uke in-between practices. In practice, you’ll notice the excellent tone projection and how the non-geared tuning heads retain their tuning. Which leads me on to, your recipient may benefit from an ukulele tuner. I’d recommend the Rocket Digital Clip-On Ukulele Tuner as it is precise and quick, making tuning easy.


Who Would This Ukulele Suit?

This ukulele will suit anybody. Yes, anybody! This is the beauty of the ukulele. It is popular with children and adults. The general age a child can start playing the ukulele is 6 years of age. You can learn online with Mahalo, and ukulele picks may benefit children to protect their fingers.

If you fancy going all out, we’ve put together packs including a Stagg ukulele, ukulele strap and a tuner. The full starter ukulele kit, making gift buying even easier (even if it is for yourself!).

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