Valencia Guitars have been a staple for beginner guitar players for years. Offering affordable, high quality Classical guitars in various sizes, Valencia are an excellent choice for any new guitarist.

Valencia Models

Valencia offer guitars in the four main sizes that are generally offered. From the standard full size, perfect for the adult learner, or generally anyone over the age of 12. To the ¾ size model, these are better for ages 9-12, or adults who are shorter, or with smaller hands.

With this, the smaller sizes are available. ½ size is ideal for 5-8-year olds, where the ¼ size guitar is better for ages 2-5.

Regardless of the size required, Valencia will have an option to suit. They even have a full size Classical guitar with a slightly narrower neck. This Narrow Neck model is great for anyone who needs a full-size guitar, but might prefer a slimmer neck. This could be down to physical hand size, or just preferring a thin neck for comfort reasons.

valencia guitar

Materials and Features

The Valencia Classical Guitars follow a very traditional design. Having nylon strings, the guitars are much softer on the fingers than any steel stringed guitar. This makes it ideal for beginners, who won’t have built callouses on their fingers yet. These guitars also excel at Classical Music as they were designed, or other genres, such as Bossa Nova.

The guitars have a Spruce top, Nato back and sides. This combination of woods evokes the warm natural tones that are associated with the traditional classical guitar. Along with this, the ebonised mahogany bridge and fingerboard ensure to further this aesthetic.

Each Valencia guitar also comes with a gigbag. A gigbag is almost always the first thing bought alongside a guitar, so to have one included is ideal.

These guitars hold their tune incredibly well. The slotted headstock with nickel plated machine heads is a somewhat dated design. But any guitar of this style tends to stay in tune well after the strings have been stretched from playing.

Perfect for beginners of all ages, the Valencia Classical Guitars are a great affordable option when it comes to learning the guitar. There is a large variety available in terms of sizes and brands with classical guitars.


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