Outdoor percussion is fantastic for playgrounds and local parks. It’s proven extremely popular and well worth the investment for schools and councils. The excitement this outdoor percussion gives the children who play the instruments is priceless. Exploring a variety of senses and expanding on their creativity. There is no doubt that outdoor percussion is worthy to be placed in every playground and park.

My Top Picks…


The Rainbow Metallophone

A colourful metallophone will brighten up any playground or outdoor area with vibrant, musical sounds! This fun percussion instrument is strong, weather-proof and durable so that you can enjoy it year-round. A fantastic opportunity to lay the foundations of music for the future and encourage everyone to have a go at playing the instrument.

outdoor percussion

A Duo Xylophone

Perfect for up to 4 players and is accessible from both sides, ensuring social interaction whilst creating music in an outdoor environment. It is tuned to the pentatonic scale spanning two octaves from C4 to C6 and the left and the right hand sides are mirrored.


The Rainbow Sambas

These sambas come in a set of 5 varying in height, to allow for several players to make rhythms at the same time. We think this is a great way to take music lessons outside the classroom. Supplied in rainbow colours to match the rainbow metallophone, this is a fantastic addition to a playground or leisure area. Designed to be played outdoors, they are popular with teachers and education services.

The Full Concept…


A Soprano Quartet Ensemble

A comprehensive yet hugely value for money range of outdoor percussion, providing fantastic educational aids on a budget. This set includes a cadenza, a small babel drum, soprano pentatonic freechimes and a pair of medium congas. Built to withstand tough weather conditions, this interactive music station includes sturdy instruments which are easy to install.

On a Tighter Budget?…

There’s nothing to say outdoor percussion is solely for permanent fittings. If your budget just doesn’t stretch that far, there’s nothing stopping you temporarily taking percussion outdoors for a music session. I think the below products would be great for a music lesson outside.

zebraphoneA Zebraphone

This double sided zebra features 13 individual note bars from C52 – A73, high and low bells, castanets, an ear and cowbell hoof and 2 pairs of wooden beaters included simple tunes to get you started. This zebraphone is great for getting more than one child involved and even feature beater holders for ease of use and transportation.

lollipop-drumThe Lollipop Hand Drum

Iconic to the traditional lollipop design, this brightly coloured hand drum with beater is sure to be popular among children. The soft foam beater adds a soft tone to the hand drum with a diameter of 20 cm to make contact with. A percussion instrument guaranteed to get kids playing music.

plastic-wrist-bellsPlastic Wrist Bells

High quality and robust wrist bells, with high quality tones making them great for class/group teaching. These wrist bells are ideal for introducing rhythm and timing.


boomwhackersWak -a-Tubes

Boomwhackers can get everybody involved in music, providing a creative and innovative way to create new sounds and rhythms. With the tubes, you can ‘whack’ against a surface or use the beaters provided to create a sound. Complete with a an octavator tube cap allowing you to lower the note by a full octave, whacker beaters, tube holder and a song book – you’re good to get started!

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