Here at Normans, we stock a fantastic range of samba classpacks, which are ideal for schools and music groups! They come in bright, engaging colours which are perfect for inspiring the younger player to get playing. Whilst also being great tools to start learning about different rhythms and styles of music. Let’s have a look at some shall we!

contemporanea-10-player-samba-packOnly after something small?

For small samba groups, of course you don’t want to spend thousands for a set of equipment you won’t really use! The Contemporanea 10 Player Pack is perfect for just this, and is also one of the more affordable sets on the market!

It has everything you need to get started, including 3 different sized nesting surdos, metal agogos and more! Storage has also been well thought about, as the nesting surdos can be packed inside one another. Not overly complicated, but it will cover the basics!

LTL-20-Player-Samba-PackNeed a bit more?

Next up, let’s go to the LTL 20 Player Samba Pack. Still perfect for a starter kit for schools or music services, but more ‘visually pleasing’ shall we say! Perfect for adding to as and when required, this pack contains surdos, Caixa drums, ganzas and more!

These come in a range of colours to entice your players further, as well as the option to add your own logos for schools and larger bands! We usually find this is plenty for classrooms and most music groups.

LTL-30-Player-Samba-PackOkay, show me the big guns!!

You need the biggest set available, look no further than the LTL 30 Player Samba Pack. This fantastic package includes Surdos, Repenique and Caixa drums, Ego bells, whips, beaters and more!

Of course, like other LTL packs, you can add your own logo to the kit to make it more personal and add the ‘WOW’ factor when performing on stage.

You’ll be able to create a wide range of samba music with this amazing bundle!

Take a look at this kit being used by a one man Samba band!

So they are just a few of the packages we stock here at Normans. If you are interested in having your own logo on a set of the LTL drums, get in touch with us and we can get it organised for you.

About the author

Jack joined the Normans Sales Team in August 2016 after taking up the piano a couple of years ago. He has performed at a few events (one being at a football ground!) He also organises charity events, which he always trys to play piano in somewhere! He hopes that he can progress further in his music career in the years to come.