The hidden gems of the woodwind world which often get over looked or pushed to one side. Well this is mistaken and wrong! The smaller woodwind instruments out there on the market can be very technical to play whilst also covering all abilities. Making them ideal for anyone involved in music.

So buckle up, listen in and find all about the instruments you’ve maybe glazed over in the past.

First Up – The Harmonica

harmonicaAvailable in a variety of keys to suit your style, the most popular being a C major. This gem of a product truly encompasses the essence of music. You can create any tune and it will not sound like you’ve just picked up a violin for the first time and not tuned it. It is easy to create music from a harmonica and I truly believe every musician should have one (oh, and a ukulele).

You can find harmonicas across all price ranges on our website from around £3 up to roughly £60. A full set of harmonicas is also available, this way you can have a go at playing in all keys, take to practice or get the family involved.

I’d recommend at the lower end of the budget a Stagg BJH-B20 Blues Harmonica in C Major and at mid-range the Swan 24 Hole Harmonica in the key of C. Whilst at the top end of the budget, the Stagg BJH-C48 Slide Chromatic Harmonica in C Major, steals the show!

If you fancy being a little wild, we do have a harmonica by Swan in a very fetching pink. If I was personally choosing a harmonica for me, this harmonica would be it. A helpful accessory for the harmonica is to have a stand, most of the time customers do purchase this in addition to the harmonica. This is due to its practicality, the extremely low cost and the ease of use when in practise. It also provides the classic solution for those needing to play the harmonica and guitar or another instrument simultaneously.

Secondly – The Ocarina

ocarinaWhich colour would you go for? Blue or Red, we stock the classic colours. Including an option to have a tutorial book. This instrument is played similarly to a recorder, using both hands to cover the finger holes.

A great option for children as it does not require the fingers to stretch as far as on a recorder. At such a low cost too per Ocarina, I’m surprised more education establishments choose the recorder over the ocarina.

This would even be good as a warm up in a music lesson or at an after-school music group. The ocarina is plastic based, durable and suitable for all ages. I’d recommend the Rocket Plastic Ocarina, if you’d like the book too so you can play tunes and learn how to play… I’d recommend the Ocarina Starter Pack.

Finally – The Jaws Harp

jaws-harpThis instrument is definitely overlooked and one of those instruments that many people will look at and not realise it’s an instrument.

Recently, we’ve had large orders on these which shows the jaws harp has a place in music and should not be under estimated. Available in small or large, to suit your mouth.

It is a lamellophone instrument, the narrow section is placed between the lips or teeth and the middle tongue is plucked. The pitch can be altered by widening or closing the mouth. At such a low cost, under £5, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give it a go. Even just out of curiosity!

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Shona joined the Website & Marketing Team in September 2017 after graduating from university in Sport Science and Management. She is enjoying being part of the team and learning more about the world of Normans and Music. Shona played the clarinet at school but you're more likely find her belting out a Little Mix track these days; doing her very own Carpool Karaoke.