Axus have been busy expanding their keyboard range these last couple of months, with the release of both the fantastic AXP2 and AXP10. For any beginner player, these models are perfect to get started, but what is the difference between them? Well you’re about to find out!


axus-axp10First up, let’s have a look at the AXP10, the latest keyboard to join the Axus family. This is a very affordable keyboard for anyone who’s not sure whether they’ll stick with it, but also gives a great amount of different functions to give you the perfect introduction. It has 61 ‘boxed style’ keys, which is standard for portable keyboards at this level, alongside a whole range of different instrument voices and backing styles. Perfect for younger children and classroom environments, the AXP10 is designed to handle a range of scenarios and to be a great alternative to more popular ‘branded’ instruments.


Going a step up from that, you’re looking at the AXP2. This has similar functions to the AXP10, but is aimed more towards players who need a bit more. The main advantage to this you ask; touch sensitive keys. We talk about these a lot, but they are recommended for anyone learning the piano. With the touch sensitivity, the keys respond exactly how you’d expect an acoustic piano to sound. The harder you press the keys, the louder the sound and vice versa. This is a feature found on the AXP2, but not the AXP10. Again, a higher price but for a more developed keyboard feel.



61 ‘boxed style’ keys 61 ‘boxed’ touch sensitive keys
128 voices, 255 rhythms 200 voices, 128 rhythms
Sustain/vibrato functions Pitch Bend wheel
12 demo songs 10 demo songs


So, all in all…

  • If you want a keyboard you can play around with and get to grips with, choose the AXP10!
  • Happy to spend that bit extra? Go for the AXP2 and it will be perfect for your first lessons!

Of course as always, if you need any more advice regarding any of these keyboards, please feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help!

About the author

Jack joined the Normans Sales Team in August 2016 after taking up the piano a couple of years ago. He has performed at a few events (one being at a football ground!) He also organises charity events, which he always trys to play piano in somewhere! He hopes that he can progress further in his music career in the years to come.