Have you seen? I’m #YouTubeFamous

YouTube link to the Sonata Cornet

Clearly the Sonata Cornet is pretty great.

…Even if my fringe was not at its best 🤷

Some more deets…

  • A premium student instrument designed specifically for beginners
  • Made from high quality materials making it robust and long lasting
  • 1st and 3rd valve slide finger rings for perfect tuning
  • Precision valves for easy, responsive playing
  • Supplied with a Bach inspired mouthpiece
  •  *And* a light, robust case featuring useful accessory pockets and backpack style straps

Close up images of the Sonata SCR701 Cornet

All in all, I’m sure you can see this is a great instrument for the beginner player. It has everything you need to get going and even has a package option available.

Sonata Cornet package

The Sonata Cornet really is perfect for any beginner, be that beginner 50 year old Dave in Surrey, finally fulfilling his childhood dream or 7 year old Kate, learning as part of a whole class lesson. It offers an ideal balance, quality and price. This is what makes it the go to beginner instrument for so many of our customers.

About the author

Heidi has been working for a number of years at Normans progressing from the Saturday Sales Assistant to a Brass Specialist. A grade 8 player she loves to play all genres of music spanning Classical to Jazz. With over ten years of playing both the Trumpet and Cornet this is, of course, what she loves to write blogs about.