trumpet-brass-bandSilver is a classic. It’s bright, striking and shines bright like a diamond. More practically, it fits flawlessly into the Silver Band scene and is good for hiding any solder based repairs.

Gold (okay lacquer,) is the choice of many brass musicians. This is because lacquer hides scratches and greasy hand prints far better than silver plate. Also, it’s usually cheaper.

Both Yamaha and Edgware offers a high quality Silver finish to their instruments. However, if the benefits of lacquer have caught your eye you’ll need to steer over to Yamaha.


In the department of sound, Yamaha vs Edgware may as well be Orchestra vs Brass Band.

Yamaha Brass is known for its characteristic bright, piercing sound. Although, credit where credits due, with the right player you can get almost any tone out of it:

On the flip side are the dulcet tones of the Edgware range. Think old school brass band.


Tenor Horn
Flugel Horn
French Horn


This is where the difference between Edgware and Yamaha is most pronounced. There is a pretty sizeable price difference between the two. Mainly that Edgware is f.a.r cheaper. Par exemple:

Yamaha YCR2330III Bb Student Cornet in Lacquer – £649.00

Edgware Concert Series ECR01 Bb Cornet – £499.00

**Prices in March 2019**

Well, in all

Without a doubt, both Edgware and Yamaha offer truly high quality instruments. Be that as it may, it’s very difficult to accurately compare these two models.

Yamaha aspire to create a brighter, orchestral sound while Edgware create a warm, traditional brass band sound. These deliberate stylistic differences make it difficult to compare the two. It all comes down to personal preference.

trumpet-musicTo make things even more difficult, Yamaha seem to make one of everything while Edgware have focused in on a few key instruments. You can’t compare what doesn’t exist.

All in all, if you want a Trumpet or Flugel Horn, you need a Yamaha, (for now), but if you want something to give you a carrying mellow sound, you need to look to Edgware.

About the author

Heidi has been working for a number of years at Normans progressing from the Saturday Sales Assistant to a Brass Specialist. A grade 8 player she loves to play all genres of music spanning Classical to Jazz. With over ten years of playing both the Trumpet and Cornet this is, of course, what she loves to write blogs about.