Designed for new musicians just starting out on the keyboard, the Yamaha PSRE360 is a very popular option without going overboard.

First things first, the keys…

Like many beginner keyboards, this Yamaha beginner keyboard features 61 touch responsive keys, which can be played to suit your music genre.

This gives you a fantastic range of notes to start playing some of your favourite songs and pieces. This is typically why music teachers will often recommend starting with these more portable keyboards.


Let’s get creative!

The PSRE360 comes with 400 built-in, high-quality instrument voices, varying from guitars, organs, brass, woodwind and so much more!

Not enough for you? Use the voices alongside 130 accompaniment styles to create a range of different genres. Quickly change between ‘Swing & Jazz’ to ‘Rock & Roll’ – the possibilities are endless!


Great for lessons and performances

Weighing only 4.0 kg, the PSRE360 is perfect for travelling to and from lessons and performing in front of family & friends!

You’ll also be able to find built-in lessons within this Yamaha beginner keyboard, which are perfect for independent learning! Power it with batteries or the included adaptor, and the music will soon be flowing!


Play along with your favourite songs

A very popular feature for most players, the keyboard comes with a built in AUX-IN input, where you can connect your MP3 player and play your own music through the speakers! Play along with your favourite songs and impress your family with your musical skills!


Fit for home, fit for life

But that’s not all of course! The PSRE360 is one of the first Yamaha keyboards which has two (yes, two!) different colour options, for those musicians who want it to blend in! Choose between a Dark Walnut or Maple finish, both designed to compliment your home or studio!


About the author

Jack joined the Normans Sales Team in August 2016 after taking up the piano a couple of years ago. He has performed at a few events (one being at a football ground!) He also organises charity events, which he always trys to play piano in somewhere! He hopes that he can progress further in his music career in the years to come.