The Agogo bells – most often heard in African or Latin music – are a great piece of percussion to teach children about pitch, rhythm and also tempo. With up to four bells, you can get a range of pitch and size. Sometimes made of metal, sometimes made of wood, these agogos are lightweight and easy to hold. Some even have corrugated sides so they can also be played like a Guiro.


Agogo: An agogo is a single or multiple bell that originated in traditional Yoruba and Edo music and is now used throughout the world. Based on West African Yoruba single or double bells, the agogo may be the oldest samba instrument, and is also the highest pitch of any of the bateria instruments. Each bell is a different size which allows different pitches to be produced, depending on which bell is hit, and can be made from either wood or metal.


The A-Star range of agogo bells are perfect for use in the classroom and in music groups. There are multi-tasking wooden models which can be used as an agogo as well as a guiro. However, there are also more traditional metal ones. Robustly built and always supplied with a beater, you can therefore play straight out of the box.


Double Metal Bellsagogos

Sturdy metal construction

Flexible handle

Two tones, high and low

Width: 8cm | Length: 18cm




Double Wood Bells

Solid and Durable Wooden Agogos

Two tone sound, high and low

Agogo 1: 27cm | Agogo 2: 23cm

Corrugated side to scrape and hit



Triple Wood Bells

Solid and Durable Wooden Agogos

3 Tone Agogo

Length (including handle) : 27cm

Corrugated side to scrape and hit



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*Prices correct as of July 2020

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