Believe it or not the Cymblas are actually pretty ancient. There’s even evidence of them from as far back as Ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece! By the mid 18th Century they began to feature regularly in orchestral and Military music.

A popular choice for school bands and you’ll often see A-Star Percussion featured on the class percussion trolley. Whether you want to keep things classic, or are looking for something more out there, A-Star have you covered.


8″ Brass Cymbals

8″ Brass

Robust build

Classic finish

Produces a clear, sustained sound



8″ Classroom Cymbals

8″ Brass

Robust build

Blue finish

Produces a bright tone



Looking for something else? No problem!

We can create bespoke packs, perfect for any sized class.
Just email to find out more.
*Prices and packs correct as of July 2020

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