Most often heard keeping the beat in Latin-American music, these upgraded sticks actually started life in Afro-Cuban folk music. These days, you can hear them in all kinds of music. In all, they are fantastic for teaching tempo and rhythm.

Made of wood (such as rosewood, ebony and more), these percussive instruments usually range 20cm-30cm in length. This means there is something suitable for everyone.

The A-Star Claves offer robust, long lasting and great sounding percussion for an incredible price. Made of high quality wood, you can be assured of getting an excellent tone. By being at the slightly smaller end of the size scale (20cm in length and 2.3cm in diameter), they are perfect for children and adults alike. Available in a Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and a Natural Wood finish, these claves sound as good as they look.


Claves – 10 Pairs

10 x pairs of claves

Available in Blue, Red, Green and Yellow

Length: 20cm | Diameter: 2.3cm

Maple wood creates a sharp tone

£18.00 – SAVE £1.90


Claves – 30 Pairs

30 x pairs of claves

Available in mixed colours or natural finish

Length: 20cm | Diameter: 2.3cm

Maple wood creates a sharp tone

£55 – SAVE £14


Looking for something else? No problem!

We can create bespoke packs, perfect for any sized class.
Just email to find out more.
*Prices and packs correct as of September 2019

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