Named for its shape, the Triangle is an Idiophone instrument from the percussion family. It is played with a beater. You will mostly find this piece of percussion in Folk music and Classical compositions, (including Opera!)



The A-Star Triangles are perfect for teaching about percussion and timing. Available in a range of size each is supplied with a rubber chord and robust beater


A-Star 10cm Triangle

10 cm, Metal

Includes 10cm beater and rubber grip

Clear, bright tone




A-Star 15cm Triangle

15 cm, Metal

Includes beater and rubber grip

Clear, bright tone

Available in a pack of 10



A-Star 20cm Triangle

20 cm, Metal

Includes beater and rubber grip

Clear, bright tone




The Pack

Pack of 5 triangles

Clear, bright tone

2 x 10cm, 2 x 15cm, 1 x 20cm

Includes beater and rubber grip

£10.79 – SAVE £2.02



Pack of 10

Essential classroom spares

Soft, comfortable grip

Allows the instrument to ring out fully


Pack of 10, 12cm long

Essential classroom spares

Produces a bright, clear sound

Moulded plastic handle for a comfortable grip


Looking for something else? No problem!

We can create bespoke packs, perfect for any sized class.
Just email to find out more.


*Prices and packs correct as of March 2020

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