Post by Jack Patrick

The materials used, dimensions, profiles and specifications of the mouthpiece can have an impact upon the sounds they produce. We have isolated some key variables and explained their impact upon the instrument’s playing characteristics and tone.

The number and diversity of mouthpieces on the market is staggering, add in all of the technical terms banded about and players would be forgiven for becoming bewildered by the options available to them. This diagram illustrates the main parts of the mouthpiece, and the table below explains some terms you may hear.

When looking for a mouthpiece, there are many variables that you will need to consider. This can often get confusing. The dimensions and shape of a mouthpiece have a direct impact on its feel, play-ability and sound. We hope to give you a brief overview of the various parts and Jargon used when talking about mouthpieces and their effects on the mouthpiece characteristics.