General Accessories

It’s that special time of year again! Whether you like to get all of your Christmas shopping out of the way early, or whether you tend to do all your present buying at the very last minute, the opportunity to buy your musical child/relative/friend the perfect gift is always here. So what can you buy for the keyboard player who doesn’t want or need anything else in life other than their keyboard? There are always socks and toiletries... but maybe this year is the year to surprise them with something they’ll really want.

Whether you’re a soloist or a fully-fledged frog-chorus of players or singers; making sure you get the correct music stand can make the difference of hassle and professionalism. How many times has an erroneous dead-leg kicked over a flimsy sheet music stand? How many times have you had to add of the bands branding onto a stand or move hundred from one place to another? Making the right choice from the start is the key point!

The harmonica is a great addition to any musician’s inventory. From the solo on Billy Joel's "Piano Man", the introduction to Neil Young's "Heart of Gold", the wailing blues of Supertramp's "Take the Long Way Home", the Harmonica works with almost any instrument on a surprising array of music genres. The most common incarnation of the Harmonica is probably the Diatonic or "Blues Harmonica". This is the instrument played by many folk/rock artists like Bob Dylan and can be a fantastic addition to the repertoire of the solo guitarist allowing for a greater catalogue of songs or solo passages in the existing set of songs.