Buying Guides

It has not been long since Yamaha released the new, upgraded range of Clavinovas. This stunning selection of instruments created a real buzz among all piano enthusiasts, students and professionals alike. We get a lot of queries regarding these pianos, how do they compare with the previous range and among themselves. In this article I will take more of an up close and personal look at all of the CLP500 models individually and explain the differences so that you can choose the right Clavinova to complement your home or workplace. I have also included a comprehensive comparison chart of the full range of Clavinovas at the bottom of this article.

Using a shoulder rest for your violin is not obligatory and is usually down to your personal preference. There are many examples of famous violinists who are using a shoulder rest (e.g. David Garrett) and ones who do not (e.g. Itzhak Perlman). However, at some point when learning or performing the violin you may find yourself in a situation where you do need to use a shoulder rest, therefore, I have listed some helpful tips on choosing a shoulder rest that will give you that extra comfort and support.

When shopping for your keyboard, you may want to consider a suitable protection, which is especially vital for a mobile musician. I have put together a helpful chart with all the bags and cases we have available and indicated which would fit the keyboards on our website. I have also attached the measurements of each bag at the bottom of the chart so that you can see if they are compatible with other instruments.