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Let me tell you what I keep in my drum bag. I use the Tom and Will mallets gig bag which holds everything I need. After 6 years of gigging with the drums, it has taught me to be organised when it comes to my drum accessories. Having all the different compartments means I can house everything without forgetting where I put them last time I played a gig. It also clips onto the floor tom, which means I can have the different sticks next to me that I can’t fit in the holder along with all my accessories easy to grab.

Everyone seems to be on the eternal hunt for a mobile microphone that ticks all of the boxes with regards to their recording needs. Build quality, multi positional, allows use of front and back phone cameras, separate input gain and most importantly high quality sound recording are what we hear most often that our customers want from a mobile microphone. Below i will outline the reasons why i think Tascam have hit the nail on the head with their iM2 Stereo Condenser Microphone for Apple iDevices.