Keyboard & Pianos

Piano has contributed greatly to modern and classical music and it was first created in early 1700s. It has originated from a harpsichord and since has taken on different forms of grand piano, upright piano, digital pianos and finally keyboards and synthesizers as well as hybrid pianos. Piano is one of the most popular instruments and also makes a beautiful piece of furniture that looks great in any home. So here are 10 interesting facts that you may or may not have known about the piano.

Acoustic pianos have been one of the most popular instruments for centuries, however, in recent years, the technology of digital pianos and keyboards has blossomed and a some of the new features can seem a little confusing. We explain the most common terms and difference between the electric pianos/keyboards and hope this will guide you through buying your own digital piano or a keyboard or let you fully experiment with the world of options your instrument can provide.