String instruments are some of the most traditional instruments and a vital part of an orchestra. Like with any other instrument, it is important to know your strings well in order to be able to play well and communicate with other players. In this article, we have compiled the most common terms and performance techniques linked to the string family.

Acoustic pianos have been one of the most popular instruments for centuries, however, in recent years, the technology of digital pianos and keyboards has blossomed and a some of the new features can seem a little confusing. We explain the most common terms and difference between the electric pianos/keyboards and hope this will guide you through buying your own digital piano or a keyboard or let you fully experiment with the world of options your instrument can provide.

There are many different musical terms used to indicated the dynamics, speed and character of a piece of music. A big part of these terms are in Latin, which makes it easier for musicians to communicate regardless of their native language. We have compiled the most popular music terms to guide you through the very basics of terminology.