It’s easy to think of traditional orchestral instruments being very expensive. It’s not so common to think of drumming as an expensive hobby, but it can be! The good news is, the Rocket TIM122 is a really cost effective way to start with a full sized kit. At just over £180, you’ll struggle to find a kit of this quality for a similar price. - See more at:

There are two different types of drum kits perfect for kids, each depending on age. The TIM JR 3/12 3 Piece Drum Kit is great for the fun young drummer around 3 or 4 years old. It will create hours of fun and is excellent for the kids to get stuck in and really find a talent for drumming. The TIM J 5/16 5 Piece Drum Kit is perfect for those older kids who want to start learning the drums. The kit is a scaled down version of a full drum set.