Stentor string instruments have been musicians' and teachers' choice worldwide for over 100 years and Stentor have not failed to produce fantastic quality, durable instruments with stunning tone, possessing correct measurements and specifications. But which Stentor violin is best for you? I have listed the most popular models in the range in ascending order of their specification as a helpful guide.

Your first instrument can often make your break your career as a musician. This is why here at Normans we aim to provide you with the best quality student violins tailored to a range of budgets and requirements so you or your child can fully embrace the learning experience. I hope you enjoy this article and if you need any advice, feel free to drop me a comment below.

Here at Normans we sell a variety of student to intermediate cellos, however, sometimes it can be tricky to choose the right model for you and the best one within your budget. I will be talking you through some of the main criteria to keep in mind when shopping for your cello and you can also find a comparison chart at the bottom of this page of all the models that we stock.

The quality of your violin bow is almost just as crucial as having a quality violin as the bow contributes to sound production and ease of play. Here at Normans we sell a wide range of violin bows to suit beginners as well as more advanced players. With the festive season coming up, a lovely new bow would also make a great stocking filler! You can see 5 of our most popular models below.