The Agogo bells - most often heard in African or Latin music - are a great piece of percussion to teach children about pitch, rhythm and also tempo. With up to four bells, you can get a range of pitch and size. Sometimes made of metal, sometimes. Continue reading

Using a shoulder rest for your violin is not obligatory and is usually down to your personal preference. There are many examples of famous violinists who are using a shoulder rest (e.g. David Garrett) and ones who do not (e.g. Itzhak Perlman). However, at some point when learning or performing the violin you may find yourself in a situation where you do need to use a shoulder rest, therefore, I have listed some helpful tips on choosing a shoulder rest that will give you that extra comfort and support.

Normans are well known for supplying durable and lovely sounding student and beginners strings, however, we also offer great quality violins for those of you who are ready to upgrade. In this post I will take an up close look at Normans’ own Forenza Secondo Series and the extremely popular Stentor Conservatoire and Messina models.