JUNIOR-ELECTRIC-GUITAR The new 3rd Avenue STX05 range is perfect for any ambitious young player. This guitar is ideal for someone who is looking to start their journey into playing the electric guitar.


This guitar comes in two models, red or black. This ¼ size electric guitar includes a gigbag, strap and guitar picks. Along with this, it features a built-in amplifier and speaker controlled by a switch and a volume knob. When the built-in amplifier isn’t active, this guitar can still be plugged into any regular guitar amp. The maple neck has a maple fretboard with 21 frets, is comfortable regardless of where you are on the neck. The double cutaway body ensures comfort while sitting down, as well as access to higher frets. The size of this guitar makes it ideal for anyone aged 4-7. Who might be a bit small for the more conventional ¾ or full-sized guitars. CHILDRENS-ELECTRIC-GUITAR


The built-in amp is incredibly simple, having an on/off switch and being controlled only by the guitars volume. Though, this allows you to play the guitar anywhere without having to worry about cables and amps. This provides a clear representation of the guitar sounds like without much colouration. When plugged into an external amp, the single-coil pickup is active. The location of the pickup ensures a warm twangy tone that can be shaped depending on the amp used. Again, the volume knob can be used when this pickup is activated, so you have some on-board control in any situation. Because of the multitude of sounds available, tonal variety is ensured. So, playing in any situation will be easy and will sound great. The 3rd Avenue STX05 Range of guitars continues 3rd Avenue’s reputation of making affordable instruments which are ideal for beginners. The accessories and built-in amp means you don’t need to purchase any extras, and can get playing right away.