The Axus AXD2 Digital Piano has been growing more and more popular since its release. It is loved by students, teachers, education services and even professional pianists as a practice instrument.

The Feel and Response axus-pianoWhen embarking on your music studies, one of the main things to look out for in a performance of a digital piano is how well it replicates the natural feel and action of an acoustic. The instrument you play on can have a direct influence on your skill and developing your professionalism. This is why this feature is extremely important. The Axus AXD2 offers a Real Hammer Action keyboard. It uses hammer action to create that authentic response of an acoustic piano. It's also touch sensitive, meaning that the piano will respond to how soft or heavy you press the keys. This allows for the most detailed and pure expression in every piece of music. The 3 pedals of this piano offer the same response as the sostenuto, soft and damper pedals on an acoustic.

Powerful Sound

digital-piano One of the greatest features is the excellent quality sound samples it offers for a true joy of playing. To make this sound go further, the D2 also houses two powerful 15W speakers located on each side of the piano. With this impressive 4 speaker system, the D2 creates a truly potent and natural sound that resonates through the large cabinet of the piano. In addition to that, you have the ability to adjust your touch setting depending on what feels more comfortable for you and add different levels of reverb and chorus effects. So now even if you are playing in a smaller place, this digital piano will make you feel like you are playing a grand piano in a concert hall.

Impressive Range of Features

digital-piano As well as making sure this instrument delivers a great feel and sound of an acoustic piano, it also includes a range of creative features. 128 GM Voices will be fantastic for those of you who are looking for a bit of keyboard-like functions in your digital piano. Layer, split, master tune and key transpose functions allow you to mix and layer sounds. Also adjust your tuning easily to suit any performance environment. You have a built-in metronome function, which ensures you always keep precise timing and develops your sense of rhythm. Finally, you can record your practices to help you grow as a pianist. Or save your own masterpieces with the 2 track, 1 Song sequencer recording system.


axus-axd2The AXD2 is truly an instrument that will suit every musician's needs. If you want to use it for traditional purposes of a piano, great, the AXD2 already has everything you need. If you want to experiment with different set-ups, computer interaction and recording, this digital piano will also cater to your needs. It has a Midi In/Out so that you can create professional-sounding recordings directly into your computer. You have the ability to amplify this piano via audio out, which is great for performing at larger venues. If you like to practice silently and have a more personal practice session, you can simply plug in a pair of headphones in the headphone input. It's also excellent for teaching as it has a dual headphone input so the teacher and pupil can listen simultaneously.

Great Aesthetics

axus-pianoThe Axus AXD2 Digital Piano is guaranteed to look great within any home or classroom. It has a beautiful, large cabinet that not only looks very authentic but also creates a better sound resonance. The piano is available in rosewood or black finish. It is supplied with a matching bench that includes a handy storage compartment for you to store your sheet music. The aesthetics of this piano adds a classy feel and is a great component to its vast selection of features.

My Thoughts...

When I first had a chance to have a go on this digital piano, I was slightly skeptical as I didn't think that you can find a great quality digital piano at this price that would replicate the sound and feel of an acoustic. I was very wrong. This instrument truly performs to a high standard and does have a lovely action and sound. I particularly like the fact that you can adjust the touch and reverb, which is great as we all have different preferences and are playing in different environments. For me, the main things in a digital piano is the acoustic sound and feel which it certainly delivers, however, the Axus AXD2 also offers an impressive range of features for those of you who want to experiment more. I like the fact that I can hook this instrument up to a computer, because I do quite a lot of recordings. I think it's ideal for beginners and students on a budget and serious pianists as a cool little practice instrument. It does compete very well with other, more expensive digital pianos. In fact, you would struggle to find an instrument that has so much to offer within this price bracket. I, therefore, happily recommend this instrument. Personally, I favour the black finish and I am glad it has finally been brought to the market!