close up of axus keys

The Axus Digital Range

axus logo Axus Digital Keyboards and Pianos are exclusive to us here at Normans. They offer a high quickly electronic instrument for very affordable, competitive prices. Our range is designed with students and the new members of the music world in mind. As such we feel they offer the perfect balance of quality of and price. When beginning an instrument the sound / responsiveness / feature of an instrument are crucial to the player inspired in their journey. Axus more than meet this requirement.


If you are looking for your first keyboard to get you started, then look no further than the Axus AXP2. This is the perfect model for any parents to be looking at. Usually most people don't want to invest hundreds on a instrument that may not be used to its full potential. The AXP2 has a vast range of different instrument voices as well many accompaniment styles to choose from. On top of this is has a popular lesson function and useful recording settings. AXP2-keyboard However, there is one key reason this model stands above its competitors. It is one of the cheapest Keyboards - priced at around £100 - which has touch sensitive keys. Touch Sensitivity is the principle that when you hit the key hard it plays loud and when you hit it softly it play quietly. This is a key skill in Piano playing. Thus, the consistency of touch needed for this is good to learn from the start. This particularly keyboard is very popular with both new students, but also schools who are looking for an affordable keyboard they can use in their music lessons.


Looking for more of a piano feel than keyboard? Maybe you've been playing for a couple of years? Well, Axus have that covered as well. The AXD2 Digital Piano is a full size, 88 note keyboard which is designed to replicate an acoustic instrument for a more wallet friendly price. Available in either Black or Rosewood, the piano comes complete with 3 pedals, and a variety of different voices and styles to still experiment with. Many digital pianos of this quality are usually more expensive, and so the Axus D2 is perfect for students who need an instrument to continue with without breaking the Bank balance. We have found that these are particularly popular with classroom environments, due to their durable construction and great sound. axd2 in rosewood and black