Best Banjo for Beginners
The Banjo is becoming very popular since the increase in interest among folk instruments grew over the last few years. The banjo has a very distinct sound which is created by the resonating skin. It is becominBJW01-2g an increasing choice for guitarists looking to try something new as well as people wanting to learn something other than the guitar. I have had a look at the different Banjos we sell and the best value for money for a beginner banjo player would be the Rocket Deluxe Western Banjo. This 5 string resonator (or bluegrass banjo) was the original type banjo. It preceded the plectrum and tenor ones and was mainly found being played in remote parts of Deep South America. Earl Scruggs changed the perception of this banjo with the introduction of a fast 3 finger picking style turning was seen as an accompaniment BJW01instruments to a lead one. This took America by storm and it quickly spread across the continent and over the Atlantic to Europe. The Rocket Deluxe 5 String Western Banjo is a great choice if you are looking at dabbling into the banjo and do not want to spend over the odds. It is very well placed in the market and in my opinion has extreme value for money. It has an incredibly good specification including a Remo White Coated Top Head, Rosewood Fingerboard, Nickel Plated Brass Tailpiece and Armrest as well as 4 Open Gear Machine Heads with High-Gear Ratio 5th Peg on Neck. These along with other superb features give this Banjo a great sound with good projection. You will not be disappointed with our best selling Banjo.