It can be hard to buy gifts for musicians, often you’d need to know exactly what they like to use. Luckily, there are a few consumables or more extravagant items which are perfect for a drummer.


Every drummer needs sticks. Whether they burn through them fast or not, you can never have too many pairs! Each player will have their own preferred brand, shape, size and tip, so make sure you know what to get. Unless you already know this is a good gift to ask about beforehand. Any leading brand like Vic Firth, ProMark or Zildjian would be ideal for most drummers. Contrary to this, you can always get something about more “out there”. A specialist pair of sticks might be something that any drummer wouldn’t have thought to get themselves. Due to this, it can be a fun gift that doesn’t step on the toes of their current setup. Good choices for something like this would be dowel sticks, or brushes.

practice padPractice Pad

Often more of a gift to the parents of a drummer, practice pads are great for silent, or quiet, practice. Great for the gigging musician, a practice pad ensures that exercises can be done anywhere. Practice pads often come in the form of rubber pads which provide something to hit without causing much of noise. But some aim to replicate the feel of an actual drum. A lot of drummers will already have a practice pad, if so, there stands suitable for many practice pads. Available in 8mm or 5.5mm (7/32”) thread models.

drum-throneDrum Throne

A comfortable throne is always helpful for a drummer. If someone is stuck with a battered old stool, a comfy new one can be a great gift. Generally something double braced is preferable to ensure the extra stability. If you are buying for someone only practicing at home then it isn’t necessarily as important. Some brands will have extra features within their thrones, such as the Mapex Memory Loc Drum throne. These are more expensive, but allows for additional security and durability.

stocking-fillerStocking Fillers

Little things that are always fun, or helpful, for drummers are great. Drum keys are always going missing, so a spare never goes amiss. Things like stick holders and bags are very handy also! Other bits of percussion are great too. From cowbells to woodblocks which can be attached to their kit. To shakers or tambourines which would be ideal for any setting when they’re away from their kit. There are always great options for gifts for drummers, such as drum heads, bags or cases, sample pads or even drum hardware. Though, these may be a bit more specialised, or expensive, than you might be looking for. If all else fails, you can contact us at sales@normans.co.uk or 01283 535333 (option 1) for advice.