Beyond Beginner: The Best Trumpet for Intermediates
So, as always, you are presented with the balancing act of the three key points;
  • Durability
  • Quality
  • Price
The Intermediate Player: This is a funny stage to define and there is no obvious answer as to which Trumpet would be your ideal. In many ways choosing the best Instrument for you depends on what you are already playing. Moving From a Basic Model: images If you started your playing career with a very basic model Trumpet, an Instrument designed for the young and clumsy or those who are unsure if they plan to continue, such as the Elkhart 100 series, then it is definitely worth looking at a better Instrument. You will feel the difference immediately. Our recommendation, if you consider yourself in this category, is a Yamaha YTR4335. Looking at point three, price, this can be a daunting jump from a beginner Instrument. However looking at point one and two we are presented with two big ticks. Furthermore at this level an Instrument is an investment as, in reality, one of two things will happen. Firstly you have reached your playing peak, you are in bands you enjoy and at a level you are happy. In which case your investment will cover you for life. On the other hand you are the next James Shepherd* and in just a few short years you’re moving on to bigger and better things, but in the meantime you REALLY need something better than the basic model you play. With this in mind it can seem that this Intermediate Trumpet is a bit surplus, nevertheless you don’t want the sudden jump to the more advanced Trumpets. But wait! It can be frustrating playing an instrument that is not at the same place you are so an Intermediate is the way to go. In regards to the predicament of moving onto another Instrument what makes a Yamaha stand out against other models, such as the Jupiter, is the simple fact that, as a name people know and trust, it holds its resale value better. This means when the time comes for you to part ways you can make back some money to go towards you new investment. Be this as it may, if you find yourself none too concerned by these points then you will be able to find other models that offer better quality compared to your current Instrument. * Moving From a Higher Model: Nevertheless there are those out there who dive in head first when staring a new hobby and buy better than basic from the word go. From this starting point you do have some similar considerations as above in regards to how much further you will progress and when may want to upgrade. Especially the latter. 3512_1_ If your beginner Trumpet was something along the lines of the YTR3335 then it may be worth considering if you really need an ‘Intermediate’ Trumpet at all, particularly if you are making good progress. If this is the case it could be worthwhile holding on and saving a little more and just buying an ‘Advanced’ level Instrument and grow into it so to speak. While an Instrument not at the same level as you can be really frustrating a better one will do you no harm at all. Thanks for reading. If you have any questions then please email: or call: 01283535333