Blow Your Way to Success in 30 Days
New Year's resolutions, an unenviable task full of diets, healthy eating and drinking less. All falling flat in the second week of February leaving us feeling down and depressed. Why commit to a year? What if your resolution this year could be different, enjoyable and musical? Surely such a thing is not possible. We're here to save you from run-of-the-mill resolutions. Stand out from the crowd. Discover the musician inside you with this 30 day challenge. Master the Trombone with the revolutionary pBone! This colourful, lightweight, durable instrument is a delight to play for both the young, old and in-between. Brining a smile to your day with its enchanting colours: Blue, Red, Purple, White, Black, Orange and Green. Resolutions will never look the same again. We understand this is a big commitment. Our friends at pBone are on hand to help every step of the way. From the least musical, bass player or florets' we will all be transformed into a trombone player. With their videos, quizzes and games all updated every day, you will soon be amazed by your musical progress. Follow their hash-tag #pLayin30days on Facebook and Twitter to join in the fun. Unquestionably this is the best New Year resolution ever.