Buying Strings For Your String Instrument

Strings are the most common accessory, and a necessity. You should carry spares with you at all times; they do break you know;

Normans Musical Instruments stock a large range of quality replacement strings to suit all sizes of instruments and all budgets.

Choosing the correct strings for your instrument will not only enable you to have some back up in case you snap a string but can also influence the sound of your instrument. Here are the most popular string brands we sell at Normans to suit the needs and budget of every musician.


At the student and intermediate level, we offer the amazing value-for-money Forenza String Sets for under £13! Constructed from a steel core that is durable & not affected by changes in humidity & temperature, unlike gut core strings, they produce a warm sound and provide good bow response. Available in all sizes, from full size, to suitable 1/8 size.

Forenza is one of our most popular string instrument brands and produce a selection of good quality strings for Violin 3/4-Full size, 1/2-1/4 size, 1/8 size, and Viola Full size and

Cello-Full size and 1/2 size. These excellent strings are definitely one of the best value for money string sets on the market!


Astrea is a well-known brand, especially popular with students and education services due to their friendly price and durability. These steel core strings are available for Violins, Violas, and Cellos both as sets and most importantly for those on a budget, as single replacements. They will certainly have you covered for any situation. Astrea strings stay in tune exceptionally well, offer an good and reliable tone, and are ideal for beginners and intermediate players alike.


Simply one of the best upgrades you can make on a good quality intermediate string instrument! Dogal are reliable, bronze-wound steel core strings from Venice. The characteristic of these strings is to have a tension very similar to strings made of gut even if their core is made with steel. This was Maestro Cella Luigi's idea when he decided to begin the production of violin strings. These great quality intermediate strings are a teachers' favourite and one of our best-selling string brands. Dogal string sets are usually available for violin, viola and cello. Great option to upgrade the current strings on your instrument or as a durable, great sounding replacement - these strings will not let you down.


Dominant produce fantastic quality synthetic core strings that play very similarly to natural gut strings. These are really popular with intermediate to advanced players due to their great price and lovely tone projection that lacks the metallic sound of cheaper strings. Dominant strings are available at Normans for Violin, Viola and Cello with different single violin strings on offer too. So go ahead, treat your instrument to a great set of strings that will make a real difference to your sound.

String Summary

It goes without saying that the strings are crucial to a string instrument... otherwise, well, it becomes a simple piece of wood, only good for percussionists!

Obviously, if a string breaks suddenly, a good singular replacement at hand is vital. Yet similar to a car, it is important that a regular service is carried out to ensure the best performance. Not only a thorough cleaning of rosin residue, but a new set of strings will improve and enhance the overall tone and articulation. Teat yourself and your instrument now, to a set of high quality and suitable strings from Normans Musical Instruments.