Ho Ho Ho! The festive season is well and truly upon us, and so for all those people who are shopping for a keyboard enthusiast, you’ve come to the right place! To give you a helping hand with your choices, I’ve picked out some of the best Christmas gifts for Keyboard Players! If you follow my lead, you’re sure to earn some extra brownie points when the 25th December comes around!

Keyboard Stands

The days of using the kitchen table to play a keyboard are long gone! Keyboard stands are perfect for any player, and will certainly get a lot of use! (just like a Lynx Deodorant Set!). My top pick would be the Rocket Adjustable Stand; it’s nice and affordable and makes for a great Christmas present! Something a bit sturdier would be the Yamaha Keyboard Stand, allowing certain keyboards to be fixed in!


A pedal can add so many musical capabilities to a performance, and so why not be the one who provides those possibilities? (again, more brownie points!) Ranging from around £10 to £60, they can be easily connected to many portable keyboards to add sustain and volume controls, easily accessible by foot. It is worth just checking that the keyboard will work with a pedal, and so if you can get the model number, get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to advise which one would be best!

keyboard-bagBags & Cases

Every keyboard player at some point will need to take their instrument somewhere, being a Christmas concert or band rehearsal. Bags are a handy bit of equipment to have, and can hold both the keyboard and accessories! Generally, they have a carry handle so you can easily pick them up and move them to the required destination! Thinking they need something a little more ‘heavy duty’? We stock a variety of cases which offer more protection and security for beloved instruments!

keyboard-benchKeyboard Benches

The last thing anyone wants is to be stood up for hours on end playing a very demanding piano part. Being the great person you are, why not treat them to a comfy piano bench for Christmas! Don’t worry though, as they don’t cost hundreds! The Rocket Adjustable Bench is perfect for price and performance, and can be set at different heights to suit the player! Wooden benches are also very popular these days, and can often be found with padding and a handy storage compartment for music books!


This one gives you a good excuse to request a live performance of Christmas songs. Keyboard amplifiers can produce a much louder, powerful sound than most built in speakers. Making them perfect for live performances! Laney Audiohubs are very popular, as they provide a variety of inputs for additional microphones and instruments! Gifting an amplifier most definitely gives you a VIP concert on Christmas Day! (Fairytale of New York is a personal favourite of mine!) Being a piano player myself, I would be VERY happy if anyone gifted me any of these accessories*.
*you thought right, this is certainly a hint to any of my family or friends. Could I give a bigger hint?!?

Or...Splash Out! Embrace the festivities and upgrade their current keyboard!