Christmas Stocking Fillers
christmas-StockingsSometimes it’s hard to buy for the musician who has everything. Luckily most of our instruments have parts with limited lifespan, which mean that there’s always something to buy. Here’s some ideas below... For Guitarists... Strings – Always a safe bet. Any guitarist who doesn’t have a spare set of strings in the house isn’t a serious guitarist. Lemon Oil – For the perfectionist. Use this on the fretboard between string changes to keep the wood supple and clean. String Lubricant – the Fast Fret String Lubricant keeps the strings clean when used before and after playing. It also helps extend their lifetime somewhat. The box also claims to help you play faster, but that particular point is debatable! Clip on Tuner – The Rocket CTU-C2 is a chromatic tuner that just clips on to your headstock. Strum the string and see how far out it is – when the needle is in the middle, you’re in tune! The chromatic nature makes it easy to use alternate tunings like Drop D or open E. For other guitar accessories, see HERE For String Players... Rosin – Essential for the instrument to even make a sound, no string player should ever be without it. Mute – Ideal for near silent practice. Give mum and dad a rest! Strings – Available as full sets or just one string. Give your instrument a new lease of life with some fresh strings! For other string accessories, see HERE For Brass Players... Valve Oil, Slide Grease and other lubricants – Essential to keep the moving parts of the instrument moving freely and quickly. Rocket Care Kit – Contains valve oil, slide oil, valve brush, mouthpiece brush and a flexible brush as well as a cleaning cloth – everything you need to get it looking brand new again! (Elbow grease not supplied) Yamaha Silent Brass System – Ideal for near silent practice. Perfect for students in halls of residence or players in close proximity housing. Stop annoying the neighbours and still get your practice in – now there’s no excuse! For Woodwind Players... Reeds – Always needed. Bigger box the better! Cork Grease – Little and often to make sure it all fits together smoothly! Rocket Care Kits – For Flute, Saxophone and Clarinet. Everything you need in a kit to keep your instrument in tip-top condition. For Pianists... Stylophone – Great inexpensive stocking filler to play around with. Metronome – Keep time easily with one of these. Digital examples also offer a built in tuner as well as being much more portable. Piano Music Selection – Available in Classical, Popular or Student ranges. For Drummers Cowbell – Because no drummer should be without one. Sticks – Try a different brand, size or tip – experiment with your sound! Stick Bag - keep all your stick and brushes in a durable convenient Drumstick Bag Cymbal Bag - Keep your cymbals safe and secure with this Rocket Dual Padded Cymbal Bag See the rest of our Drum and Percussion Range HERE