I grew up listening to the greats of James Shepherd and Phil McCann artistically exhibit the true capabilities of the Cornet. The tone, the emotion... the triple-tonguing! They would have bought their Cornets with little thought to having to later buy another case. They were solid, had a handle, and did the job. You will probably be the same? cornet However, as time passes, your original case may become damaged and defective. You may simply be in a situation where a robust and expertly made ‘Gig Bag’ will suffice to protect your beloved Cornet. At the same time it will offer a much lighter and more comfortable passage of travel. Win, win. At Normans Musical Instruments we offer four brands of Cornet Gig Bag; Chord; Champion; Sonata; and Tom & Will. All of these manufacturers offer a great level of protection for your Cornet. All within a competitive price range.

cornet-gig-bagRefreshing Chordial

At the budget end of our range is the (creatively named?) Chord 173.411UK Cornet Gig Bag. Every musician knows how fragile an instrument can be and how important a proper gig bag that you can rely on is. With Chord’s well-made Gig Bags, you can rest assured your instrument will be well protected as they are made from quality materials and designed to last. At under £30 it offers an affordable yet highly protective case for your Cornet. It is well made from heavy duty nylon that is water resistant and easy-cleaning, making this model your ideal partner when gigging and travelling a lot. On the inside of the bag you will find thick, robust padding that will prevent damage to your instrument. From all aspects, this is an excellent choice if you are looking for a Gig Bag to protect your instrument during everyday use.

Champion Cornet CaseWeee are the Champions

The attractive and practical Champion Cornet Case, though not a traditional ‘soft’ Gig Bag, will provide the protection your instrument deserves. It features a tough and durable woven showerproof outer cover, grab handle and padded backstraps that can be hidden behind a padded cover, plush velour interior, reflective flash features on front pockets, zip surrounds and backstraps. The moulded inner casing will fit all standard Bb Cornets with ease, and at just over £50 is an excellent value-for-money replacement or accessory.

cornet-caseSolid Sonata

In this line up of Cornet Gig Bags, the Sonata is unique; it is moulded and hard, therefore it offers the highest level of protection, and it is the cheapest! The solid skeleton is protected by a black canvas outer with a no scratch soft, padded black lined interior. It is designed to fit the vast majority of standard Bb Cornets, and all of the Cornets we offer for sale at Normans Musical Instruments. The Sonata Gig Bag is finished with durable zip openings that allow for easy access, a front accessory pocket and detachable back-pack style straps and two carry handles. With the Sonata Cornet Case, you have a sturdy, yet lightweight case that is more than up to protecting your beloved Cornet from the knocks and perils of daily life.

cornet-gigbagTom & Will sing-a-long

“Just one Cornetto…..give it to me……in a Tom & Will Gig Bag….for Security” My top recommendation for the finest, deluxe and high-end professional Cornet Gig Bag on the market; the Tom & Will 26CO Padded Gig Bag. When you see this Gig Bag you will realise immediately the quality of build and materials used. The attention to detail, quality of materials and professional finishing makes it the ‘go-to’ accessory in the world of brass musicians worldwide. On the outside of the bag you will find an extremely strong, no-rip polyester that covers a dense, 20mm high density foam padding. The interior boasts a soft, luxurious ‘no-scratch’ lining that prevents any scratches to your instrument. You will be pleased to know that the straps and handle are riveted and cross stitched for extra resilience. The handy zip openings are very durable and easy to open and close. It has extremely comfortable padded back straps for ease of transport, keeping your hands free to roam……or carry other instruments! Tom & Will have certainly gone the extra mile with this Cornet Gig Bag.Here at Normans we are confident it will be perfect for any Cornet player regardless of your ability.

When it comes to instrument protection,we have the ideal Gig Bag for your Cornet and your budget. Your Cornet deserves the best, and we can provide it.

And with Cornets in mind, I’m off now to Venice…….for a Carnival….with my wife….Pandora!