You may have heard of cowbells and not really known what they are, what they sound like and where they are used. Not to mention, how did someone come up with ’Cowbell’ as a name! Yes, it's a question you've all been pondering over...well, maybe...maybe,not. I’m here to help you understand what a Cowbell is, why it is what it is and where can they be used. So, grab a cup of tea and learn something new…something that not many people know and something you've obviously been pondering over, until now.


Key facts:

  1. Cowbells got their name from their historical purpose - Herdsmen would attach a similar sort of bell to their cattle and other animals on the farm to keep track of their herd! The term cowbell is used because of their extensive use on cows!
  2. A standard dairy cow weighs in at around 1,200 pounds - That is around the same weight as 20 average sized children!!
  3. You can lead a cow up the stairs but not down the stairs as cows can't bend their knees properly in order to get down the stairs.
  4. Cows only have bottom teeth
  5. Cows can smell up to 6 miles away!
  6. The average cow drinks up to 30 and 50 gallons of water each day

Did you know all of this? I certainly didn’t, until doing my research for this blog post. Interesting, huh?

Rocket have created several different sized cowbells to showcase different tones – perfect for the classroom or playgroup. Add these distinct bells to your percussion range and in turn add a new depth to the music created. The pure tone and deepness to the sound creates a great base to a musical creation. You could even use the cowbell to create a beat, great for learning about tempo!

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STAGG 7.5 inch Cowbell 

All Rocket products offer excellent value for money and this Cowbell is no different. Easily attachable to your existing Drum kit or played as a piece of percussion in its own right, this strong steel construction will produce a Striking Sound.

STAGG 6.5 inch Cowbell 

Fantastic loud cowbell, a great option for schools, as well as percussion groups or simply for attaching to your drum kit. Mounting bracket with screw attached is easy to attach and offers good stability. Great value for money. 

STAGG 5.5 inch Cowbell 

Robust steel construction cowbell which produces a fantastic loud sound. Features well made mounting bracket with screw attached. Ideal for use as part of a percussion ensemble or for attaching to drum kit. Once mounted on your kit, the cowbell remains in a solid position. Excellent value for money.

STAGG 4.5 inch Cowbell 

A popular choice for schools, this is a robust cowbell which produces a loud tone. A great option for percussion ensembles or for attaching to a drum kit. Easy to mount on to a drum kit and maintains a solid position. Good value for money.