Guy with a Cornet looking confused
Learning the Cornet. New year and new me? Oh and a new instrument too. I have managed to inherit a Cornet for 2018 to keep me occupied in those dull cold winter evenings. So far I have achieved the first hurdle, making a sound out of the instrument and I am classing this as my first merit of 2018. Guy with a Cornet looking confused Being a Guitarist by trade, the Brass world is completely new to me. Valves, Mouthpieces and using my Diaphragm in a constructive way? With a Guitar if it is out in the house, you can’t miss it, you fall over it and eventually you’ll play it regardless. My Cornet, in a lovely compact case may I add (Sonata SCR701 – for anyone who wants one?!) can be stored in any cupboard, draw or even under the bed. cornet bag

Difficulty Number 1

Keeping the cornet out in the eyeline. This means, I am forced to have a go at all times, rather than watching all series’ of Gavin & Stacey back to back.

Difficulty Number 2

The Cornet isn’t as delicate as a rendition of Dire Straits’ Romeo and Juliet on Acoustic Guitar. It has a little more oomph. Therefore, my household which consists of me, my girlfriend and the beloved Cat are adapting to Cornet life. Lets just say, both other parties are very wary. And so is next doors dog.

Difficulty Number 3

I have no idea what I am doing. Give me a Violin, it’s the same tuning as a Mandolin. Drums, well electric drum kits have headphone ports? Even a Flute, I mean what else are empty beer bottles for but to attempt to play a tune? Guy playing the cornet As we stand, it is baby steps so far. I haven’t had to read sheet music for many years, which concerns me. My Diaphragm will need some more work and making sure I understand the finger positions is something that is going to take time. Nobody wants a Gb instead of a G. However from my Guitar days, I can vouch you are always one note away from the right one. In all honesty, this has made me appreciate how difficult it is to learn a new instrument. I think we all take it for granted as musicians that our go to instrument is simple and easy to play/understand. So, I’m feeling the struggle as it is, but I guess the first few months are the hardest. And as many customers and friends have noted, the reason that they gave up is that they felt they were getting no where. So, I am determined to not fall in to the lazy trap at all and…. I’m sure by 2022 (cough.. I mean April) I’ll be able to give a rendition of something for promises. If you recently purchased an instrument from us or are thinking of, sign up for your FREE lessons here. Your Space Music Lessons have teamed up with us to give our customers this exclusive offer to kick start your musical journey in 2018.