DGX660 vs YDP144 | Yamaha Digital Pianos

The world-renowned Yamaha DGX660 and YDP144 are two of their most popular digital pianos. Designed for players of all abilities and ages, each one offers different features. But which is better?


#1 The YDP144

Designed more for students and professional players, the YDP144 is one of the Yamaha Digital Pianos which is impressive due to its CFX Concert Grand Piano sound and highly responsive key technology. Most players who are looking for a traditional playing experience will often look at YDP144, due to its simplistic design yet stunning sound. You also only have around 10 different voices to choose between! As standard, 3 piano-style pedals are pre-fitted to a wooden pedalboard, so you can express music exactly how you want to. It is essentially made to mimic an acoustic instrument as best possible.

#2 The DGX660

We like to call this, the best of both worlds. The DGX660 acts as the middle man between digital piano and keyboard, and so is quite popular with players who like to play different styles of music. The DGX comes with a fully weighted 88 note keyboard – the same as the YDP144. However, the difference being all with the built-in sounds and features. This isn’t something that is usually found on full size 88 key keyboards. This is why the DGX660 is a very special model! It can be played as a normal piano as well, with the pedal board available to add on in time. This is fantastic for musicians who want to create both standard piano style music, but also experiment with different sounds and styles.

All in all

So all in all, both models are great for different purposes. If you want all of the ‘bells and whistles’ from a keyboard and 88 notes, the DGX660 is for you. Otherwise, more piano style playing? Take a look at the YDP144. digital-pianos