Drum stick bag

Let me tell you what I keep in my drum bag. I use the Rocket Drumstick Bag which holds everything I need. After 6 years of gigging with the drums, it has taught me to be organised when it comes to my drumming essentials. Having all the different compartments means I can house everything without forgetting where I put them last time I played a gig. It also clips onto the floor tom, which means I can have the different sticks next to me that I can’t fit in the holder along with all my accessories easy to grab.


The most essential part to your drum bag is the sticks. They are the vital part of the performance and who knows when they are going to break. Making sure you have different types of sticks is important. I always carry a pair of Vic Firth 7A Wood Tip sticks for the slightly mellow songs, Vic Firth 5A Wood Tip Sticks for the loud rock songs and most recently a pair of Zildjian 5A dipped sticks with a gripping area to make sure they don’t slip out your hands in those sweaty playing situations. You can never have too many sticks.


When playing with a band or even trying out different drumming techniques it’s great to experiment with different styles of sticks. You may find yourself in a situation where you can’t play too loud or you’re draining out the rest of the band. It’s not always easy to ‘play quietly’ so I always carry a couple of pairs of brushes. For example, the Stagg Polybristle Straw Brushes, or the Stagg Nylon Brushes. These are ideal for playing genres like Jazz, as well as just for when you need some quieter dynamic playing.

Cymbal & Hi-Hat washers and plastic sleeves

It’s great to keep spare cymbal and hi-hat washers with you, especially if you are going to a rehearsal space or using someone else’s kit. These are the most common items to go missing on a drum kit and it’s not going to sound great if you have nothing to support you cymbals when you play. I also like to keep enough spare plastic sleeves just in case you need some extra cymbal support. They are not an expensive item either to keep stocked up on either.

Drum Key & Hi-Hat Clutch

Having a drum key is another essential to any drummer’s bag. It’s the key to a great sounding drum kit. I carry them in my bag, on my keys and even on my drum peddle. It gives you the ability to tune the drums to your correct pitch wherever you are and whatever the situation. It’s a must for every drummer. Carrying a hi-hat clutch with you is a great idea too. Sometimes the clutches don’t always fit the hi-hat so having a spare in a different size saves you running around trying the find the right one.

Drum stick holder

Having a drum stick holder attached to the cymbal stand is a great way to have those important sticks within grabbing distance. Anything can happen when you’re playing, you may accidently drop your stick or even snap it. Having your spares right in front of you means you can carry on before anybody can notice. It’s also handy to use as a beater if you don’t want to carry to much stuff with you.