Learning a percussion instrument is a key milestone for your child. It teaches them patience, hand-eye coordination, self-discipline and many more skills that are necessary in everyday life. Even as a toddler, instruments can be beneficial. It can aid their imagination and creativity, whilst further developing their fine motor skills. So, what instruments will benefit your child the most? Percussion instruments. Why? They’re lightweight, affordable, durable and come in a range of bright, eye-catching colours. Therefore, I would recommend these:

A-Star Small Hands Percussion

A-Star is a best-selling brand, exclusive to Normans. As a result, they have a wide variety of percussion instruments for younger children. Despite being affordable, each of the A-star instruments are high quality and come in vivid colours.

The A-Star Early Years Tambourineearly-years-tambourine will help your child learn about ‘keeping the beat’...


...Whilst the A-Star Mixed Fruit Shakers will aid your child's creative mind.


Here at Normans, our Halilit percussion is bright, budget friendly and easy for younger children to use.

The Early Years 2005 Crocoglockcrocoglock-crocodile-glockenspiel will teach them about melody...

maracas-for-early-years-percussion...Whilst the Early Years MP36524 Maracito will introduce them to rhythm.

The Early Years MP36636 Mini Baby Maracasmini-baby-maracas can even be used from 3 months.

See our full Halilit range here. Overall, an instrument can be very beneficial for your child, and introducing them to percussion will open many doors for them later in life. See our full range of Early Years Percussion here.