woman holding flute
Music is something I used to never really notice, it was always in the background. I joined Normans and that suddenly all changed. Cue…me spotting every grand piano, clavinova, violin, cello, guitar e.t.c I could see. So, you can imagine my excitement when the idea of learning an instrument popped up in conversation one Friday afternoon. Of course…I said YES! I began researching instruments on the website, reading the blogs Normans have written and treating the website like I was a customer and not an employee. There was so much information on all sorts of instruments. Although, I knew inside I had already chosen my instrument. I liked the sound, it was very elegant and I always wished I'd chosen to play the instrument at school when I had a chance. My Instrument being the flute! After telling Heidi, a member of the Sales Team, my choice I naturally demonstrated how to play. Not that I knew of course, I was holding my imaginary flute completely wrong. Heidi was almost in tears, crying with laughter. Thanks for the support Heidi… We were in talks at the time with Your Space Music Lessons to provide our Normans customers with 2 x FREE lessons when you purchased an instrument from us between 1st December 2017 and 28th February 2018. New Year, New Instrument and all that. I thought: ‘Well, I don’t have a clue what I’m doing, I have no clue where I’m going to start and I really need some guidance!’ That’s when I contacted Abby at Your Space Music Lessons and set up an introductory lesson. A quick response and I was booked in. All set to go.

The Lesson Day Arrived

So, the day came of my first ever music lesson! I had prepped everything – made sure the Ipad was working and the Skype app was loaded, I was logged in ready to go. Yes...I had remembered my flute. I had so many nerves and questions. ‘What if I’m rubbish?... Can I do this?... What happens if I’m not a natural?... Can I back out?’ Oh goodness, no I can’t… Ellie’s (the teacher) calling. Here we go. Here goes nothing.

How did my first ever flute lesson go?

I don't think I could have looked anymore confused - we all have to start somewhere I guess...
Ellie was great! She made me feel that it's okay if I don't get a sound out of the instrument straight away; after all...I am learning! Initially we chatted to get to know each other and introduce ourselves face to face as contact had only been via email and Skype instant messaging. The lesson lasted about 25 minutes, which was perfect for a first introductory lesson. It mainly focused on getting used to the flute, building it and trying to get a sound out of it. After numerous attempts at 'blowing out rice' and 'blowing raspberries' to relax the lips (have a lesson, you'll understand) I began to get a sound! Okay... a very slight sound. You won't believe it but when the camera went away and lesson was over, I could do it! Much to my colleagues amusement, (Ellie, I hope you're reading this). So, after my first ever flute lesson I had mixed feelings. I loved the lesson, I was frustrated with myself - I just wanted to get a sound every time. I guess that will come with practice and I'm looking forward to completing the goal of producing a consistent sound from the flute head piece and discovering new notes. Baby steps before big steps they say!

Now, to you...

If you're reading this blog and thinking of trying a new instrument or dusting one off at home, then do it! No questions asked, I had great fun and will continue to. It makes a great change to TV watching, phone scrolling and got me out of the washing up after tea (Winner Winner). If you purchased an instrument from us for yourself or as a gift between 1st December 2017 and 28th February 2018, your order is entitled to 2 x FREE lessons. A great start to your musical journey, let us know if you're learning by using #MYMUSICFUTURE.